Booth # B317
Weekend Treasures

Owner Keith Barnes

Q: What inspired you to get into the antiques and decorating business?

A: My love for estate sales and finding unique odd items.

Q: How would you describe your booth's style?

A: Retro, eclectic, hot mess at times (you'll never know what you might find).

Q: What is the most interesting item you have found for your booth lately?

A: Some retro yarn/knit wall hangings.

Q: What antiques or collectibles would be in your fantasy collection, if money were no object?

A: Heywood-Wakefield and Herman Miller.

Q: What is your biggest indulgence when it comes to collecting for yourself?

A: Real and old “I Love Lucy” items.

Q: What is the biggest challenge and the greatest joy of being in the antiques and decorating business?

A: Love to see what sells and the styles changing.

Q: What dream home would match your personal collection of antiques and vintage items (i.e., Victorian, Mid-Century Modern, Tudor, etc.)?

A: Mid-Century Modern.

Q: What is the strangest antique or vintage item you have ever seen?

A: I have a clay actual size man's head with actual hair. I've not decided to sell it yet, since I'm not sure if it was a movie prop or how it was used. You can see pictures of it on my Weekend Treasures Facebook page ... let me know if you have any clues on it.

Q: Are there certain items that you always have to make sure are in your booth because they sell so well?

A: Small tables, chairs, odd decorator items.

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