Booth # B228

Q&A with Carolyn Rando, owner of Finds & Designs, Booth B228

Q: How long have you been in the antique business?

A: Five years.

Q: What is your favorite antique era and why?

A: I don't have a favorite yet. I like unique items from any era.

Q: What are your favorite things to buy and sell?

A: Antique "laundry" items like washboards and irons; vintage New England items like lobster traps, buoys and weathervanes; old, rusty ironwork. Really, anything that catches my eye.

Q: Do you have any personal collections? What are they?

A: Having an Irish heritage, I love and collect Belleek, especially the pieces with the green clover leaves.

Q: Without giving away any "family secrets", where are your favorite places to treasure hunt?

A: My favorite places are chockfull antique barns where you have to literally dig to find treasures. The best ones I have found are in Maine.

Q: What is your booth known for having?

A: I have a variety of vintage and new laundry items and many New England decorative accessories. I rotate a "Kid's Zone" in and out with old and new decorative items.

Q: What is your most prized antique possession and where is it from?

A: I have a wonderful, bright orange carnival glass decanter that came from my grandmother's estate. I remember loving it when I was a very small child spending Thanksgiving at "Grammy's" house in Maine

Q: What’s something you passed on at the time but now wish you’d bought – the “one that got away”, so to speak.

A: There was a wonderful cupola and weather vane set at the Brimfield Antique Show that I passed up. I should have rented a truck.

Q: What items do you never pass up when shopping for your booth? What do you walk past?

A: I never pass up old, rusty ironwork – it has such character. I rarely buy jewelry to resell because I know so little about it.

Q: Can you give our readers an antique shopping tip?

A: Always ask for a better price – you don't get anything if you don't at least ask for it!

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