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Jason Parker Counce of Dirt Home + Garden

Q: What, or who, inspired you to get into the antiques and decorating business?

A: My Grandmother "MaMa2" for her expert style and sewing abilities and my mother for her antique and artistic eye for design. It was instilled in me at an early age to be creative, respect your past and create for the future generations something of which you will be proud to say, "That was me!"

Q: How would you describe your booth's style?

A:  "Comfortable, Casual, Current and Classic." It’s so funny; I walked into GasLamp Too the other day only to be told by several people, "You look like your booth!" I said, "You know what? This is more of me and my roots than I thought!" 

Q: What is the most interesting item you have found for your booth lately?

A: For someone who is shaved bald daily, I find this to be the most ironic: I find these vintage stand-up hairdryers fascinating. I now have two different ones for my booth calling out to be killer floor lamps; they are so "Hairspray"!

Q: What antique or collectible would be in your fantasy collection, if money were no object?

A: I am so not into cars but, I would love to own a 1950s Ford truck to go antiquing in and see the country!

Q: What is your biggest indulgence when it comes to collecting for yourself?

A: My biggest indulgences are: designer jeans and shoes and accessories, for sure.

Q: What is the greatest challenge to being in the antiques and decorating business?

A: Trusting your instincts and going for what you like, you will always like what you buy and sell ... and others will follow!

Q: What is the strangest antique or vintage item you have ever seen?

A: In the Brimfield Antiques Show I saw a specimen sculpture which had a hand blown glass dome that encased preserved exotic birds on a tree limb; it even included bugs and rodents.

Q: Are there certain items that you always have to make sure are in your booth because they sell so well?

A: I always have to have my handmade "Nashville" postcard pillow sachets with vintage ticking fabric backing. They are filled with dried lavender flowers. And anything American, flags for sure!

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