Booth # T309
Dirt by Jason Parker Counce

DIRT by Jason Parker Counce

Q: What are some items that are currently in your booth about which you are excited?

A: I always like true Americana antiques. An 1800s step-back cupboard that is in a navy milk paint color is my favorite piece at the moment.

Q: What are some shopping ideas you can give customers visiting DIRT

A: Always trust your instinct; if you like it, buy it! Because if you think too much about it, it will be gone. I always do that: I don’t think too much about the reason why I like a piece, I just go for it. Everything will work out in the long haul!

Q: What is inspiring to you in the design world right now? And have you incorporated that into DIRT?

A: Right now I am true to my style in fashion and décor: blue jeans, pillow ticking, bandanas, Army blankets and American flags. People say to me, “Your booth looks just like you!”

Q: You have booths in GasLamp and GasLamp Too. Is there a way shoppers can think about shopping at one or the other?

A: At GasLamp One is my seasonal shop, B-309, that changes with the seasons. At GasLamp Too, T-309 is my little cabin store within the store! I make it feel like a getaway experience; think about Design Within Reach. You just have to stop and look around to enjoy the meticulous details. The walls are upholstered in denim, ticking and Army canvas fabrics and are trimmed out in rope. For the backdrop, there are reclaimed wood walls and beams. It only enhances the shopping experience for everyone!

Q: What are some other booths at GasLamp that you like, other than your own?

A: I really like the Hentrich’s Booth at GasLamp Too, “Hen House Co-op.” The thought of recycling items into such useful furniture pieces is fantastic. I also enjoy all of the thoughtful details in Elizabeth’s (Burton) many booths at GasLamp Too; her details right down to matching eras and art into such an array of display is great!

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are new to vintage shopping? What would you say to a young shopper starting out in terms of how to build a collection or decorate a house/apartment?

A: My advice to new shoppers: Starting out buying vintage is simple. The items that are vintage are used, passed down, well-loved and not pristine. Therefore, look at each piece you find as if you were on an exciting treasure hunt. If you like it, start off with it. Later, down the road, you might change what you like to collect, go more upscale or change your mind. All in all, we always go back to what first excited us when collecting: Anything!

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