Booth # W412
Tennessee Treasures

Clinton J. Holloway, the proprietor of Booth W-412, Tennessee Treasures, suggested we add a new facet to our Q&A by simply asking the question: "What is your favorite GasLamp or GasLamp Too booth?" Here is his answer.

Q: Which of the booths at GasLamp and GasLamp Too is your favorite?

A: Which is my favorite of the Dealers at Gas Lamp and Gas Lamp Too? If I were pressed to name a favorite out of the 300 or so dealers spread over 50,000 square feet of space of GasLamp and GasLamp Too, I would have to say it is Robert Baum of Booth B-1004 in the original GasLamp. Richard has a wall space along a narrow walkway, but his booth lines both sides with framed prints, and my favorite items, boxes of ephemera (photo, above right). He has a little bit of everything, from advertising to old framed collegiate tobacco silks and cards. I can stand there a long time going through boxes of postcards, maps and other tidbits. In fact, Robert, who is a delightful man with whom to talk, was in part the inspiration for my own Booth (W-412, Tennessee Treasures). His Booth at Too, T-1004, is equally enjoyable. There the books and boxes of loose ephemera are nearly all priced at $1 each, so I pick up something fun on almost every visit. If I need a gift for my wife (which, if most men are like me, that is often!), then my go to Booth is S-544, the home of Kathy Hill's amazing and wondrously creative crafts (photo, below right). She has a knack for the "trash" to "treasure," creating one-of-a-kind works out of art of fabric, photographs, seashells, dried flowers, vintage silver and other objects. Many of her creations have strong botanical or nature themes. A shadow box of painted eggshells was my wife's birthday present last year. At Christmas I put sachets of "gold, frankincense, myrrh” from her booth in several stockings. Kathy really has a creative flair; her offerings are affordable and make excellent gifts.

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