Booth # B116

Lynn Harris, owner of booth B-116, and joint owner of booths B-103, Birdland, and Chair-isma

Q: If money was no object, what antique or collectible would you buy right now?

A: A piece of art glass from the Forties to the Sixties, not necessarily by any particular individual, but just a nice, large piece of art glass.

Q: What is the most gorgeous antique you ever saw, in a private collection, or even a museum?

A: I’ve looked at so many collections in museums, so it’s hard to beat some of the stuff they have. I think a carriage that they had for Catherine the Great that was on exhibit years ago in Memphis. It was this incredible carriage.

Q: What is the most interesting story you know about any of the antiques you have ever had, or even a compelling story you know about an antique you don’t own?

A: I think it would have to be the recent one about the bible box that the couple brought in to GasLamp for appraisal by Marshall (Fallwell, GasLamp’s regular appraiser), who recognized it as being something interesting and sent it to the Keno Brothers. It subsequently sold for a lot of money. The couple was so charming; they didn’t realize it was that valuable. It tops others I have heard. To be associated with that story in any way, to be a part of GasLamp and have something that interesting happen, I just thought, “That is so cool.”

Q: What antique trend do you love right now?

A: I love Mid-century Modern, and kind of Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies. I love that the furniture and the art, especially, and glassware and pottery is popular right now.

Q: What genre of antiques do you have as a collection?

A: Well, I have several collections. I like pottery. I like very mostly heavy colorful pottery, so I have quite a bit of that, and I like art glass, I have a small collection of that. I have had almost a lifelong interest in art, so I have a nice collection, I feel, of lithographs and engravings and paintings.

Q: Have you ever repurposed or up-cycled an item?

A: My partners, Beverly and Jane, and I, we have several booths at GasLamp, we do quite a bit of up-cycling. We like to go out to sales and buy furniture, and then if it needs work, we’ll do restoring. And if we feel it’s not salvageable, we’ll repaint it. I have a lot of artwork here at the house that I’m waiting to re-do. In fact, up-cycling was my very first draw to the whole antique booth genre. That’s what I loved then, and still love, is that you aren’t throwing things away, you are fixing them up.

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