Booth # Display At Original GasLamp Antiques

Karen Parr-Moody Editor, Design Elements

Q: What is your favorite GasLamp or GasLamp Too booth?

A: This question is virtually impossible to answer; it's like asking someone to pick their favorite child. But here goes. I’ve worked for GasLamp for four years as the editor of the webzine “Design Elements.” So I am in GasLamp shooting photos a lot. Which means, naturally, that I shop there … a lot. I love Booth B-108 for lamps and ultra-feminine antiques. My purchases there: A Parian bust lamp from the Victorian era and a lamp from the 1930s depicting a glamorous lady surrounded by gold moriage. Currently the booth is offering a pair of pink Bristol glass vases that I adore. Jason Parker Counce has two booths, Booth B-309 at the original GasLamp and Booth T-309 at GasLamp Too. Both are great for gifts and between the two, I’ve bought everything from one of his handmade dolls to a figural cat vase to multiple bags of pecan brittle (my mother loves the stuff). I like Carol Aunt Enid’s Attic booth, B-110, because it is great for ultra-feminine vintage fashions, from fur coats to kid leather gloves. Showcase S-538 is my new find for costume jewelry; the brooches are gorgeous and well-priced. I love Booth B-2012 for Mid-Century Modern tabletop items that are chic and cheap. Then, if you are going for global chic, or just plain ’ole quirky, you’ve got to visit Booth Booth S-104. I’ve gotten everything from vintage Christmas ornaments to a carved African statue there (which I think was a fertility totem, because I got pregnant soon after the purchase). Then there’s Sugar Millie, Booth T-186, at GasLamp Too. It is always a whimsical confection of retro items, from vacation-themed art to Dutch pottery to Mid-Century Modern knickknacks. Finally, I love, love, love Booth B-106. It always features gorgeous items that my toddler might break, from Italian Capodimonte lamps to Victorian lustres to Majolica ware. I have a long wish list of items I want from this booth. See? I told you picking a favorite GasLamp booth was virtually impossible. I could write a book about them.

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