Booth # W405


Q: How long have you been in the antique business?

A: Actually, I am just starting with my booth here at the Gaslamp Antiques Mall. I have always enjoyed antiques; they remind me of days when I lived with my grandmother. In my travels to antique malls and garage sales, I see items that I used as a young boy.

Q: What is your favorite antique era and why?

A: The Civil War era, because it was a trying time for America.

Q: What are your favorite things to buy and sell?

A: Anything that portrays American history … folk art, old toys, airplanes. I like to sell wood carvings that I have created as one of a kind. Taking old items and cleaning them up so other people can enjoy them.

Q: Without giving away any "family secrets," where are your favorite places to treasure hunt?

A: Small town garage sales and auctions.

Q: What is your booth known for having?

A: Wood carvings that were carved my me of my own expression of folk art. Unique crystal, that always amazes me. And lamps of different eras.

Q: Do you have any personal collections? What are they?

A: Not really, not one particular item.

Q: What is your most prized antique possession and where is it from?

A: My grandfather’s old 12-gauge shotgun from about 1940.

Q: What's something you passed on at the time, but now wish you'd bought – the "one that got away” so to speak?

A: A Wells Fargo stagecoach shotgun.

Q: What items do you never pass up when shopping for your booth? What do you walk on by?

A: Old lamps and unique items that you don't see anywhere else. I walk on by furniture and dolls; I don't know anything about either one.

Q: Can you give our readers an antique shopping tip?

A: What looks old isn't necessary old. Do your research.

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