Booth # B115
Saving Graces

Lana Sigg

Q: What is your booth known for having?

A: My tags have “Saving Graces” printed on them because every item I sell has been rescued, restored or repurposed, and is useful in some way. I am an avid recycler, and therefore reselling antiques fits into that agenda.

Q: Do have any personal collections? What are they?

A: Personal collections include old corkscrews, Spode “Indian Tree” china, vintage tablecloths, and old bottle brush Christmas trees.

Q: What is your most prized antique possession and where is it from?

A: Probably the large glass-front Art Deco bookcase we have in our home. It is not only beautiful and useful for storing books, it also has three cubbies at the bottom that lock where we keep all our family games, which makes it extra-special. (I’m not sure where it is from.)

Q: What is something you passed on at the time but now wish you had bought -- the one that got away, so to speak?

A: I don’t have any regrets like that. When you pass on something that means someone else got it and is enjoying it. Buying and reselling is a great hobby for me and if I take it too seriously it becomes work, so I don’t.

Q: What items do you never pass on when shopping for your booth? What do you walk on by?

A: I’ll never pass on something that looks good and is ready to go into my booth! I will usually pass on something that needs too much work or is a project.

Q: Can you give our readers an antique shopping tip?

A: If you love something, buy it. Don’t worry about whether it’s marked, or signed, or even a little damaged. If it brings you joy or reminds you of someone or some place, that is priceless. Same goes for the dealer. Chances are whatever you appreciate and buy to resell will be probably be appreciated and purchased by someone else.

Q: What is your favorite antique era and why?

A: I like them all, but my favorite is the Art Deco/Art Nouveau period because it is when modern furniture and décor was first introduced and appreciated.

Q: What are your favorite things to buy and sell?

A: Old trunks and storage pieces, linens, wall art/decor, painted and finished furniture, decorative accessories, and rustic or primitive pieces – to name a few.

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