Booth # S551


Q: How long have you been in the antique business?

A: Thirty years.

Q: What is your favorite antique era and why?

A: I like 19th-century American furniture and decorative arts. They tell a true story of the history and the people of the time.

Q: What are your favorite things to buy and sell?

A: Paintings, figurines, miniatures, and anything that just says, “buy me!”

Q: Without giving away any "family secrets", where are your favorite places to treasure hunt?

A: I find you usually find something when you are not looking, so never pass up a shop or a mall because it does not look like it has what you want.

Q: What is your booth known for having?

A: The case I maintain is eclectic: it has porcelains, silver, books … you name it.

Q: Do you have any personal collections? What are they?

A: My passion is miniature "anything" from the 19th century. I have a collection of salesman sample chests that I enjoy along with snuffboxes and portraits of children.

Q: What is your most prized antique possession and where is it from?

A: An American New York pier table circa 1825. It’s mahogany with stencil decoration, marble columns and gilding.

Q: What's something you passed on at the time, but now wish you'd bought – the "one that got away", so to speak?

A: A Hudson River Valley painting.

Q: What items do you never pass up when shopping for your booth? What do you walk on by?

A: I buy what I know and what I personally like. It is difficult to market something you know nothing about and that you personally do not like.

Q: Can you give our readers an antique shopping tip?

A: Establish a relationship with an antique retailer. They will remember you and let you know when they have something that fits your collection. Learn by looking, asking questions, reading, and most of all, enjoying.

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