Currently on Hiatus


The Forum is currently on hiatus. While there is a slim possibility of it returning in the future, there is no assurance of that. Thank you for your attention. . . .read more

Coin Silver


  Shopping antique malls is fun, however, I am sometimes confused by terms such as “coin silver” as opposed to sterling silver.  What is the difference?   Linda B.      . . .read more

History Swarovski Crystal


My grandmother has some Swarovski crystal jewelry and my sister collects crystal animals.  What is the story on Swarovski and the glamour that surrounds the name?   Mary G.        . . .read more

Griswold Iron Pans


I have an old iron skillet I love to cook in, but it is not a Griswold.  What is the deal with this brand of vintage iron goods? Sherrie M.              . . .read more

Westmoreland Milk Glass


My grandmother recently gave me a collection of Westmoreland Milk Glass I always admired.  I only know a few tidbits about milk glass that granny told me over the years. Maggie S.                . . .read more