Party Gems

By Karen Parr-Moody




The tree isn’t all that’s glittering this season at GasLamp Antiques and Decorating Mall. As usual, there are more sparkling baubles than Santa can fit in a stocking, just waiting to be tossed on for that party of choice.



Carol Williams, the ever-stylish proprietress of Aunt Enid’s Attic, Booth B-110, has a wide variety of vintage jewelry in her booth. There, a savvy shopper can find wonderful examples of said jewelry, from the 70s and 80s, in flawless condition.



“I used to work in a corporate setting, where I wore a suit and high heels every day,” Williams says. “What I used to use to set off the plain Jane suit was my jewelry.”



An example of Williams’ collection is shown on the model at right. This fabulous acorn necklace, $35, is quite a statement piece. “I bought it to wear with a very conservative dress for my mother’s second wedding,” Williams says. “And I just love amber and gold together, because of my red hair.”


Another example of the finds at Aunt Enid’s attic are these gorgeous panther earrings, left ($24.95), made of gold plate and enamel. Even though it is costume jewelry, the design resembles the iconic symbol of the venerable French house of fine jewelry, Cartier (the panther motif first appeared on a Cartier wristwatch in 1914, and the rest is jewelry history).




The model at right wears a stunning gold plate necklace and matching earrings, with ruby colored stones, marked “Lisner” for the D. Lisner Company ($145; Booth B-225). The firm was born after the Civil War; the Lisner mark was first used in 1938. Lisner jewelry tends to have an abstract, geometric quality, often imparting a more modern look than that of its contemporaries. Designs are often derived from nature, incorporating fruits, flowers, and as with this necklace, leaves.




Throughout history, brooches have been used as fasteners for all types of clothing; Grecian gowns instantly come to mind. In this day and age, brooches are far more form than function … and these adornments look absolutely fabulous during the holidays. On the model, below, is a statement-making aurora borealis brooch ($95; Showcase S-545).



To wear vintage jewelry means having the confidence to add flair to one’s look and life (even if one is sparkly enough on one’s own!). Donning any of these beautiful baubles will make a lovely lady the star at the top of this year’s Christmas tree.

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