Christmas Fashion

By Karen Parr-Moody


With Christmas parties lining up, there are some fabulous dresses and furs to choose from at several GasLamp booths.


At Anna Haferman’s booth, B-2015, party dresses take us back to Christmas parties where ladies wore cinch-waist dresses and topped off the evening by serving coffee from a silver pot.


“Christmas and New Years parties are a great time for anything sparkly and luxurious,” Haferman says. "There's no better way to celebrate than in a nostalgic dress from Christmas past.” 




In the photo, right, one model wears a navy dress with a cream insert from Haferman’s booth ($89). “I love how the1950s dress is blue and white, with a built-in red crinoline,” says Haferman. The pleated skirt on the model at the left of the photo comes from Carol Williams’ booth, Aunt Enid’s Attic ($45’ B-110). “That skirt’s timeless,” says Williams. The beaded cardigan is from Haferman's booth ($40).







The red dress in the photo, left, is from Haferman’s booth, and fits a size 0 like a glove ($46, Booth B2015). “I've added a lot of beads, sequins and velvet items to my booth for the holidays,” she says. “There are a few vintage sequined tops from the 1960s that will go with anything. I've also added a black velvet hooded cape with rhinestone buttons, and a vintage red satin Nieman Marcus cape.”








In the photo at right, the model wears one of Haferman’s sparkly sequined tops ($48) with another of her finds, a blue 1970s brocade skirt (comes with vest and belt; $40), and one of Williams’ beaded cardigans ($65). “This skirt would also would look great with a black turtleneck and some long beads,” Haferman says.









The full-length mink  – and matching brown-and-white fur hat – in the photo, left, is from Williams’ Aunt Enid’s Attic ($1,750; appraised at $9,000). “I love the color, and that it’s female skins,” Williams says. Female mink is softer than male mink, and has a higher luster. (Fur pillbox hat, $36). 







In the photo at right, the model sports a fabulous eggplant party dress from Parlour, the booth from vintage virtuoso Aria Cavaliere ($70; Booth B-220). “It’s rare to find a gorgeous dress in eggplant,” she says, noting that her booth is currently full of velvet and luxurious metallic fabrics for the holiday season. (Mink stole, Aunt Enid's Attic; $165). 


“As women, we always want to stand out in some way,” says Cavaliere. “And what better way to do so than in a vintage, one-of-a-kind piece? Wearing vintage is an instant conversation piece.”


Pop into any party wearing this conversation piece, a gorgeous silver fox and nutria coat, acquired in the ‘80s for $2,200, but now selling at GasLamp for $1,295 (inquire at front desk). Nutria is similar to beaver, and is characterized by dense grayish underfur. Nutria was popular in the 1930s among Hollywood actresses, including fan Greta Garbo. (Mink hat, Aunt Enid's Attic, $45).


Whatever party is on the agenda this season, a lady will stand out with any of these fabulous – and affordable – finds from GasLamp.


Williams sums it up best: “Wearing vintage always sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. People notice you when you’re wearing vintage.”

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