Children’s Décor

By Karen Parr-Moody


GasLamp is a fantasyland for grownups filled with sophisticated antiques, the lustres swathed in crystal pendants and the china as fine as it comes. But upon closer examination, one will discover that GasLamp provides items of décor that can easily find their way into a child’s room.


It is easy to mix charming and sophisticated vintage elements in a child’s room. The photo, right, features vintage elements that are both young and old: airplanes, a gas pump, a rocking horse and a print of a Madonna and child.


The photo, left, features another room replete with vintage elements: an insect print, art pottery, a re-painted wardrobe and a globe.


Incorporating a few sophisticated antiques into a nursery is key to creating a look that is timeless. Some do this with a gilded mirror, a crystal chandelier, or some sort of collectible toy. The antique crystal pendant in the photo, right, is just such a beautiful focal point ($245 at GasLamp Too Booth T-101).


Everyone dreams that their little one will be healthy and happy – then there are some who fancy their child a prince or princess. Instead of getting literal – by hanging a sign that says “princess,” for example – why not simply hint at your child’s regal nature by hanging a print of an actual royal? GasLamp Too Booth T-284 currently features a print of Charles IX of France (1550 – 1574) as a handsome young boy (photo, left; $198). Created in pencil on paper by François Clouet, renowned Renaissance portraitist, the original is located at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. Housed in a gorgeous gilt frame, this print of Charles IX renders the young, poetic ruler with precision and elegance.


If you are decorating a girl’s room, consider using the pendant lamp from above – which is decorated with amber-colored crystals – and adding this Mid-Century Modern tufted vanity chair, which is upholstered in a matching amber velvet (photo, right; $55 at GasLamp Too Booth T-254). The chair includes a white metal scroll frame and fabric that is in great condition. It will certainly bring some Hollywood Regency elegance to some lucky girl’s room.


A stylish child is never too young to acquire some European flair, which would be readily brought to a child's room with this bastidor (cage) santos (saint) figure in the photo, left ($890; GasLamp Too). This European santos belongs to a genre of religious accessories that were originally created for use as in-home altars. Their development flourished during the 1700s and 1800s due to wars that made it difficult or impossible for worshipers to get to a church. Female santos dolls typically possess a serene, loving expression, as does this one.


A child can be inspired to become a little explorer by pondering the wonders of a globe, such as the vintage Replogle globe with floor stand in the photo, right ($79 at GasLamp Too Booth T-199). Replogle Globes was a company started by Luther Replogle in 1930, who sold his hand-made globes in an effort to take the globe from classrooms to homes. This globe has a full metal meridian, and includes a handful of antiquated political entities, such as Zaire, which is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Yugoslavia, which broke into a variety of smaller entities from 1991 to 1992.


Creating a child’s room gives moms and dads the opportunity to create a room that is stimulating for a child, but is also soothing and peaceful. At GasLamp, that decorating playground for adults, sprinkling a room with childhood creativity is made easy with fabulous vintage finds. With a touch of elegance here, a touch of whimsy there, it pretty soon adds up to an expression of love and beauty.


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