Wanderlust Style

Karen Parr-Moody


When it comes to summertime, taking a trip is second nature. So it’s no surprise that GasLamp is full of décor options that travel in a vacation-themed direction, from well-worn suitcases to vintage globes to retro swim trunks. Even when one isn’t a stylish globetrotter, adding a few travel-themed items to a room conveys a romantic wanderlust that is irresistible.


In the photo, right, is a charming couple that revives retro notions of old Mexico ($24; Booth B-309).This dancing duo wears authentic costumes and features hand-painted details. As with the raffia bags globetrotters have longed purchased in the Caribbean, this Mexican couple would have once made for a coveted souvenir.  


Back in the 1950s and 1960s, families drove to Florida in droves and, once there, chic moms purchased silk souvenir scarves such as this one, photo left, at gift shops from Panama City to Miami ($65; Booth B-309). Such moms would have tucked these scarves away for safekeeping – how else could so many be found today in stellar condition? But don’t you toss this one into a box, never to be seen again. Frame it and use it to fill a blank wall in your home with cheery flamingos, sunbathing beauties and hibiscus flowers.


Many a Southern family has spent vacation days touring Civil War sites. At Booth T-118, such trips can be memorialized through well-made plaques. This one commemorates the Battle of Nashville that took place on December 15 and 16, 1864. All such relics are authentic and were excavated from campsites used during the Civil War. This plaque contains bullets, which are inert, contain no gunpowder and are harmless.


At Jason Parker Counce’s booth, Dirt, one can take a trip to the frontiers of the 1800s, when Native American women once strung a vegetable called “white root.” Counce took this vintage print, now found in the New York Public Library’s archives, and has screened it onto cleverly fabricated pillows ($24; Booth B-309). (This particular print was originally on a package of Hassan cigarettes.)


For a blast of décor fever that takes you on an imaginary trip to Aspen, hang up this vintage “Ski Area” sign ($34; Booth T-702). Such a rugged, utilitarian item revives childhood fantasies of speeding through snowy hills. If that doesn’t take the proverbial starch out of a room, I don’t know what does.


Whether one is taking off for a mental trip to Mexico, or simply decorating a dining room with a Florida souvenir scarf, vintage vacation items can be an inspiration. Romantic travel to yesteryear is easy with a quick trip to GasLamp. So make a shopping list and get packing.





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