Travel Chic

By Karen Parr-Moody

From vintage globes to framed postcards, a few travel-themed items in a room convey a romantic wanderlust. And whether one wants to hang a kitschy TAA flight bag on a wall hook or decorate a kitchen with state plates, a quick trip to GasLamp and GasLamp Too will lead to many travel-themed finds.


During the Golden Age of Travel of the 1920s and 1930s, stylish globetrotters accumulated mountains of hard-case luggage to pack for their far-flung destinations. Marlene Dietrich, the German actress, was known to pack up to 23 Louis Vuitton trunks for her travels.


The beautiful case in the photo, above right, captures the allure of a bygone era of elegant travel ($777; Booth T-287). It is a large trunk by Pierre Deux, a now-defunct company that opened its first shop in Greenwich Village in 1967, from which it sold imported French antiques along with chinoiserie and toile wallpapers. Traveling with this trunk, one’s contents will surely arrive unbroken – but it would also look fabulous as a coffee table in one’s living room.


Along those same lines, these round, houndstooth print Peck & Peck hatboxes, circa 1950s, would be perfect for decorating one’s bedroom – or for use as storage in one’s walk-in closet (photo, left; $45, Booth T-115). Peck & Peck, now defunct, was a women’s department store on New York City’s Fifth Avenue; it was particularly known for popularizing the WASP style of postwar America.  


The air mail art in the photo, right, is inspired by the issuance of the 6-cent airmail stamp on May 14, 1938 in celebration of National Airmail Week. The stamp commemorated the 20th anniversary of the first government airmail flight and was known as the 6¢ Eagle. It was designed by none other than President Franklin Roosevelt, a stamp enthusiast. This artwork would be fitting in anyone’s home who is a stamp collector, a fan of FDR, or who loves the idea that in 1938 people traveling in foreign lands – or, sadly, at war – could send bon mots to loved ones from across oceans.   

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, families drove to Florida in droves and, once there, chic moms purchased silk souvenir scarves such as this one, photo left, at gift shops from Panama City to Miami ($65; Booth B-309). Such moms would have tucked these scarves away for safekeeping – how else could so many be found today in stellar condition? But don’t you toss this one into a box, never to be seen again. Use it to fill a blank wall in your home with cheery flamingos, sunbathing beauties and hibiscus flowers.


The black globe in the photo, right, is a fabulous find. It sits on a shiny metal stand and, with its dramatic color scheme, would be a nice addition to a timeless collection. It is chic to collect vintage globes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, then place them on top of a bookcase as a whimsical display.


GasLamp is filled with décor options that travel in a vacation-themed direction, from glamorous suitcases to vintage globes. Even if you are not a stylish globetrotter, adding a few travel-themed items to a room infuses it with irresistible daydreams.



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