Decorating Just Left of Normal

By Paula Kirwan


Take a look around your home.  How is it decorated?  Does one room blend into the next with a sameness that borders on . . . well, boring?  Many of us play it safe and stay deep within our comfort zones when it comes to furnishing and accessorizing our homes.  There is nothing basically wrong with this approach, but think of the fun you may be missing by not taking a little bit of a risk with your decorating!  


While it isn’t necessary to be flamboyant or to break all the rules, putting an edge into your decorating will offer some “oomph” to your home.  There is no place better than GasLamp for finding that unique piece that gives your place personality. Take the painted head, photo right, for example ($50, Booth T-199). If it’s not a conversation starter, I don’t know what is.


Artwork is a good place to start. Keep an open mind. If your home is modern, try a period piece or floral design for contrast.  Look for color rather than content to complement your décor. If you have period furniture, don’t be afraid to put a piece of modern art on the wall.  One great example is this piece of metal pom-pom wall art (photo, left; $785, Gaslamp Too). Such Mid-Century Modern sculpture is become increasingly sought after by collections. Originally made to democratize gallery style art for the masses, such works were often made of copper, brass and other metals.


Another way to liven up your décor is to use a special piece that makes a statement all on its own.  This makes it the focal point in the room and the star of the show. This gorgeous, baroque-style hand-painted mirror certainly falls into that category (photo, right; $2,738, Booth B-213).


Home decorators can also use accessories to bring color and interest into their surroundings. Here, again, be a little daring in your choices.  Use colorful glass bowls or figurines for splashes of color, or an unusual sculptural piece for interest.  Also show off your collections in a prominent way, as this will definitely make a one-of-a-kind decorating statement. A great example of such is this metal dress form (photo, left; $75, Gaslamp Too).


The bottom line to decorating is to surround yourself with things that make you feel good and give you the warmth and comfort that you want in your home.  But don’t forget to put a little “edge” into decorating with something that makes you smile and offers a little bit of surprise as you and your guests enter a room.

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