GasLamp Extras

By Clinton J. Holloway


During the month of March, GasLamp Antiques and Decorating Mall observes 10 years of being in business. All GasLamp customers know about the great antiques and decorating items available in the 50,000 combined square feet of two stores, GasLamp and GasLamp Too. But there are a few extras people may have over-looked and could really use.


The mall houses more than 400 fabulous vendors that contribute to its unique style. But as its own entity, GasLamp sells items as a special service to help antique lovers delve deeper into the world of décor.


At both locations customers will find displays of products specially designed and formulated to help them take care of your special collections and prized antiques. One is the line of Howard Brand paste wax ($22.50) and wood polish and conditioners ($13.50). These will help users keep their natural wood finishes looking great (photo, above right).


If you have a piece of furniture that is simply beyond refinishing, a new color is always a help in sprucing it up. For this job, check out the selection of milk paints available in a rainbow of colors ($10.95). Painted furniture is so popular right now; no wonder, as it covers a multitude of sins.


In addition, GasLamp offers special metal polishes, including wipes, sprays and liquids, in a range of prices from $5 to $12. A spray can of glass cleaner is $3.55. There is also a leather conditioner you can use on clothing, furniture, books and such for $12 a bottle.


How about your lamps needs? Ever have a need for a part to put back together a vintage lamp or give it a new look? GasLamp offers an assortment of flame-type light bulbs for your chandelier or exposed bulb lamps, in a range of sizes for $2.50 to $3.50.


In addition, there are a number of new lamps parts available that are often difficult to find. Is your crystal chandelier missing a drop and you think you will never find another? Have you looked at GasLamp? The store has over a dozen different varieties of prisms and crystal pieces from $2.50 to $24 (photo, left).


While on the subject of lamps, ever wanted to put a new look on the top with a jazzy new finial? Booth MATT in the original GasLamp, just across from the front desk, has a showcase full of attractive finials, many which are made from jade and other precious materials. They range in prices from a few dollars to higher-end prices. Here you will also find a few different lamps parts, as well as hooks, pulls and sundry furniture hardware (photo, right).   


Recently, I overheard someone lament they could not find a plate rack anywhere, the kind with the springs that hides behind the plate. I thought to myself, I bet GasLamp has them! Sure enough, at GasLamp you will find a display of both spring-loaded plate hangers from $6 to $10, adjustable acrylic easels for $6 to $10 and black wooden plate stands in the same range.


Need to hang a picture? Picture hanger sets with hardware and wire are made up for your convenience. There are beveled display mirrors to add light and reflection to your figurines and collectibles. If you want to give a gift right from the mall, there are various sizes of organza gift bags. It’s truly a one-stop gift shop (photo, left).


Last but not least, Gas Lamp wants you to be an informed shopper, dealer and local resident. In both GasLamp locations, there are display stands at the front that feature complimentary copies of business cards for local service providers in areas such as clock repair, estate sales and other antiques-related services. Brochures for other businesses, local tourist sites and upcoming antiques-interest events are also found here.


There are also free periodicals, including Nashville Arts, Nashville Today and Greater Nashville House and Home for local interest. Antiques-related periodicals include Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine and the Busy Bee Trader.  Pick some up next time you visit the GasLamp stores!   


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