The Color Red

By Clinton J. Holloway


Red is ravishing, romantic and regal. The color red conjures up many ideas, especially in the month of February, with its connotations of love and passion surrounding Valentine’s Day.


Forget what Coco Chanel said about black (“I have said that black has it all”), for February every woman needs a ravishing red dress – and if it is at Gas Lamp, it has got to be vintage! At GasLamp, there is a ritzy red frock made by Emma Domb in crushed velvet with lace (photo, right; at Booth S-104 for $165). At GasLamp Too, there is a red sleeveless sheath dress with a gold collar that is as regal as it is ritzy (at Booth T-1005 for $155). Either of these dresses would make a lady ravishing for a romantic Valentine’s dinner.


Maybe your idea of romance is staying at home with a pitcher of your favorite drinks and a little fondue. Red is a great color for the home as it can really make a bold statement as either the focal color or as an accent against both light and darks. Booth B-310 in GasLamp has an exceptionally beautiful red oriental “cinnabar” vase that would mix well with both the vintage and modern decorator (photo, above left; $89.95). It just looks rich with its carving and gold accents.


Ruby glass is another antique that mixes well in both vintage and modern because of its bold color and shine. Many great examples of ruby red glass can be found at both GasLamp and GasLamp Too in both plain and patterned glass. Once Valentine’s Day is past you can still keep it out and in use. A ruby red pitcher and glasses is found in Booth W-412 for $49.95 (photo, left). Fill the bulbous belly on this big boy with margaritas or mojitos and get ready for a night in front of the fire!


What could be more regal in red than a throne for the Queen of Hearts? Booth B-229 at GasLamp has a Gothic chair in a beautiful warm tone of red (photo, right). The Gothic point of the back makes this a distinctive decorator piece for only $200. Where would you put it? Living room? Foyer? How about in the front hall? A red chair can go anywhere!


The antiques and collectibles found at both locations of the GasLamp Antiques and Decorator Mall  make it easy to spice up your décor with red in February. It will do your heart some good!





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