Year of the Horse    

By Clinton J. Holloway


In 2014 the Lunar New Year, celebrated by more than a billion people worldwide as Chinese New Year, will occur on Friday, January 31. This year bears the Chinese zodiac symbol of the horse, making it the year of the horse.


Those born in the year of the horse (2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930 and 1918) are said to be associated with leadership and authority. However, experts warn against risky ventures in this year, as the horse can lead to recklessness. (Those born in year of the horse can look up your horoscope for 2014 by simply Googling “Year of the Horse horoscope.” If nothing else, you will get a laugh out of it.)


Nashvillians are definitely “horsey” people, whether it is following the horses of our own Steeplechase held each May or exhibiting the trait of leadership. GasLamp is definitely one place in Nashville where horses can take the lead. Since horses abound in our acre of mall space, in everything from figurines to paintings, I am focusing this article on carved horses, of which there are some award-winning examples.


One of the favored images of horses for antique collectors and decorators is the carousel horse. Two examples can be found at GasLamp Too – and you will probably go round and round trying to decide which one to take home! Booth T-293-J has a large antique carousel horse thought to be from an actual antique carousel for $2,950 (photo, above right) while GasLamp Booth B-2003 offers a smaller version of a carousel horse, this one spotted or “dappled” at $295.


I am often struck by the many different interpretations on the same theme that can be found in the GasLamp malls. A pair of horse head bookends, found at Booth S-115 for $15, illustrates this principle (photo, left). This version of the horse follows function, but with an eye for artistry.


At GasLamp Too, I put my bet on the painted and carved sculptural fellow in Booth T-383 to win the race (photo, right). Again, rather monumental in size, he is brightly colored, possibly Asian in origin, with an interesting flat back. Did he once have a rider or a piece of glass that turned him a small table? This very unusual steed takes off outta the gate at $349.


Looking great in Booth S-159, there’s a carved wooden horse head with what looks to be real horsehair in its knotted mane. It was originally priced at $800 but has been reduced to $600 (photo, below).


So race on down to the GasLamp Antiques and Decorating Mall and GasLamp Too before these little fillies get away.








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