What Men Want                                                    

By Clinton J. Holloway


Well, ladies, it is your turn. Forget the neckties, tube socks and underwear; we do not want another sweater, nor do we really want anything that makes us smell better. That is a gift for us that is really for you. Here are a few ideas of things that we might actually like to find in our stockings on Christmas morning.


Sports stuff: Specifically, cards. While there are many dealers who offer a lot of super stuff, check out the Showcase at 530 to find an abundance of old-school professional team cards (photo, right). They are just like the ones I had that my Mom threw out.


Animals: If we cannot eat them, we like to hang them on our walls. Booth B-113 at the original GasLamp has an awesome deer head mount that has been made into a coat rack with its feet turned up for coat hooks (photo, left). Bambi can be yours for $368. At GasLamp Too, a boar’s head (not the deli variety, but a stuffed one) can be found at T-1005 for $200. Either the deer or the boar would be great in a man cave. And what goes better with a hunting theme than collectible knives? Showcase 121 has a great selection.


Watches: Nothing else quite has the feel of a real watch in one’s pocket. Sure, we can look at our phones. But the other guys will be envious when we pull an heirloom quality pocket watch from Time Antiquarians, Showcase S-610, out of our pockets (photo, right). We will simply be begging for someone to ask, “What time is it?” Also, it is something we can pass down to our boys; you can’t do that with an iPhone.


Other Stuff: For books, go to B-128; for tunes, go to B-316; for something with style, anything from Jason Parker Counce’s DIRT (at GasLamp Too) will make a guy look like he just got back from a weekend at the chicest of cabins. And while you are at DIRT, which is located at GasLamp Too, the center aisle features stacks and stacks of jams, jellies, sauces and ciders. Yes, any one of them would be great, as well (or make it two!).


And as always, you can’t go wrong with a GasLamp Gift Card. Okay, ladies, have at it. Merry Christmas!



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