What Women Want

By Clinton J. Holloway


For recent issues of Design Element, I have divided my stories along gender lines to examine what both women and men want. GasLamp and GasLamp Too offer wonderful gifts for the women in one’s life for the upcoming holidays of Christmas, Kwanzaa or New Year’s.  


While I recognize that a variety of gifts appeal to an array of people, in this story I follow a traditional vein. In this piece, I offer advice to my male readers about what to buy for the women in their lives.


Jewelry: While it may be a bit cliché to say, ladies tend to love jewelry. GasLamp and GasLamp Too are home to dozens of booths that carry a range of jewelry, from stocking stuffers to one “big present.” You will find both vintage and modern offerings among these.

In the costume jewelry realm, a booth in the original GasLamp, S-538, has some stellar costume pieces (photo, above right). Also, as you check out at GasLamp, look down. The front register area also doubles as a display case for Booth B-288, which carries some fine pieces of vintage jewelry from various eras.


Over in GasLamp Too there are two showcases just inside the door, T-140 and T-145, which are a nice place to get a little holiday bling. If you want something with modern flair, check out Jennifer Jeremia’s handmade jewelry in T-102. This jewelry artist uses a variety of metals, including copper, in her work. Another showcase with handmade modern pieces is T-161.


Clothing: Vintage clothing is another gift option that can be found in abundance at both GasLamp and GasLamp Too. Anna Haferman has booths at both GasLamp Too at T-2015 and the original GasLamp at B-2015 (photo, left). Haferman carries well-edited vintage clothing from much of the 20th century, including dresses, hats, gloves and handbags.


Similarly, vintage clothing can be found at B-220 Parlour Vintage Clothing, where Aria Cavaliere Negri offers a funky selection from the ’60s and ’70s. Booth B-225 offers something different, as well, with several beautiful silk saris from India. Back at GasLamp Too, Booth T-261 also has a rack of vintage clothing and coats that includes a great faux fur or two. Booth W-412 has some very economically priced chiffon and silk scarves, as well as handbags.


Books and Records: While some might argue that books and records are a thing of the past, Design Elements readers are connoisseurs of the vintage, so we can safely suggest shoppers should peruse the fabulous book selection of B-126 at GasLamp, which is a bookstore unto itself (photo, above right). With topics on everything from antiques to Zoroastrianism, a bibliophile will get lost among these books.


Booth B-316 has hundreds of LP records, from $5 up, and is currently offering a discount of 35% off certain items (photo, left). 


With these suggestions in hand, any man can easily get something for every gal on his list (and yes, we are open on Christmas Eve). As always, you can’t go wrong by gifting someone a GasLamp gift certificate, available in any amount. It is always the perfect size!







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