Risqué Business                       

By Clinton J. Holloway


The 1983 blockbuster film “Risky Business” thrust a young Tom Cruise to stardom. In the coming of age movie, Cruise plays Joel Goodson, a high school boy who engages in some “risky business” while his parents are away. The film’s most memorable scene has Cruise dancing around the living room in his underwear and a pink oxford shirt singing, “Old Time Rock and Roll.” With a tongue-in-cheek nod to the iconic 80’s film, this week’s features are a little bit on the “risqué business” side of the decorating spectrum.


At GasLamp Too, we found a set of three cast iron/pot metal painted bathroom plaques of young children whimsically engaged in brushing teeth, primping before the mirror and “taking a bath” all while showing a bit of “bare bum” (photo above). The trio of kiddies can be bought for $36 for the set or for $12 each in Booth T-301. Hung in your guest bath and they are sure to raise a few chuckles.


In the same booth we find a cardboard poster of bare-chested actor Matthew McConaughey (photo left). For $22.50, Matthew can find a home on an admiring young lady’s wall or as a bachelorette party gift!


Speaking of the bachelorette party, over in the original GasLamp we found a naughty version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey in the back corner … but it is not a tail you pin on, nor a donkey on which you pin it. We are not going to tell where to find it … you will have to go look for it. Ha! He is $16.95 and will surely make you blush!


On a serious artistic note, the human body in all its glory, both male and female, has inspired artists for millennia, from sculpture to painting to photography. Two excellent representations of the male form are found at GasLamp Two. Booth T-182 has a framed 16-by-20-inch tasteful male nude done in oils, classical in form and its rendition, for $89 (photo right). A more modern rendition of the male form, this one a full frontal nude, by artist Shannon Anderson of East Nashville is found in Booth T-504 (photo left). Also executed in oils, measuring 3-by-4 feet, it is priced at $1,195. 


At both GasLamp and GasLamp Too you will find a wide range of collectibles, artwork and decorator items. Some may be naughty, but we think everything is nice. Stop by and take a look. And be assured, risqué or not, we won’t tell anybody about what you buy!



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