Creating a Gallery Wall

By Karen Parr-Moody


Putting together a gallery wall is an exciting trend that blends pattern, color and art. Such a wall looks great in a bedroom, a living room or an office (photo, right, from the blog SF Girl By Bay). In particular, a gallery wall in an office can offer endless inspiration.

GasLamp’s booths are sprinkled with art that can be useful in creating a gallery wall. While some interior designers believe there should be an overarching theme, such as similar color or motif, an eclectic mix can work just as well.


I recently picked out a whimsical jumble of art at GasLamp that I think would look great together on a wall. My picks began with this charming painting of a young girl (photo, left; $45, Booth S-104). With her almond-shaped eyes, bobbed hair and neckerchief, this chic lady looks straight out of the 1960s; in fact, she reminds me of the wooden dolls by Alexander Girard. The color in this piece is so vivid and the lines so clean, it would add some eye-popping style to a gallery wall.

This Siamese cat print at right is taken from an original painting by Fritz Hug, an artist who was born in Switzerland in 1921 ($24; Booth B-302). Hug studied all over Europe and Africa and he produced a great number of works for The World Wildlife Fund. This print is perfect for a gallery wall that includes a lot of color due to the light hand Hug used for the Expressionistic lines of the cat. It gives the eye a rest before moving on to paintings created from thick, bold lines.

The fashion illustration, left, is a giclée reproduction of an original piece by Steven Stipelman, an artist born in New York in 1944 ($95; Booth B-2007). Stipelman got his start in Manhattan at the glamorous Fifth Avenue department store Henri Bendel where he created the illustrations for fashion advertisements. By 1965, he was covering all of the international fashion collections for Women’s Wear Daily. The illustration shown here would be such a stylish addition to a mélange of art on a well-appointed wall.

An interesting art collection is a mix of mediums, from watercolor to oils to pen and inks. Throwing in a bit of texture is another option, which can be accomplished by adding some form of cloth art, such as the needlepoint piece at left ($50, Booth S-104). What fun this design is, with its curvaceous green leaves and its candy-colored birds.

Creating a gallery wall is a fun project to embark upon. When finished, such a display is a home’s hallmark of creativity and personality. Every modern home should have one.





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