Boo-tiful Black and Orange

By Clinton J. Holloway


The days are still warm, but the nights are cooling off here in Middle Tennessee hinting that autumn will soon be with us. That change in temperature and season gives us yet another excuse to change the decorations around the house, be they in fall colors in honor of autumn or a few scary spiders and wicked witches as a nod to Halloween.


The season’s black cats are meowing at DIRT, the charming booth operated by Jason Parker Counce (photo, right). There, among the delightful orange and black décor, are Counce’s handmade black cat cloth figures. Take a pair at $125 or separately at $75 each. The tall fabric witch is $245. Not pictured here, but used as a backdrop for his booth, is a striking black and orange quilt. Wow.


Pumpkins are a great fall theme because they can last right up until Thanksgiving (but please, put them away before decorating for Christmas. At GasLamp and GasLamp Too, Booth 101 in Too is offering a lovely hooked wool pillow with a patch of pumpkins for $75 that are guaranteed not to rot on your front porch (photo, left). The pillow looks great when paired with an antique oak bench for $498, don’t you agree?


Franklin Hunt Antiques, also in Too, is offering several great pieces of solid, durable pottery in a glowing orange glaze in the $30 to $45 range (this bowl, in the photo below, is $45) and is currently discounting his items by 25 percent. The simple form and clean lines practically guarantees you will find many uses for these pottery pieces. Just picture this bowl on your dining table filled with apples or beside the front door on Halloween night filled with candy treats.


If you are looking for more of a Halloween theme for your fall decorations, you can find that too, at both GasLamp and GasLamp Too. I love the whimsy of this sign with the words “Black Cat Crossing” painted on canvas (photo, below; found in Booth T-301 for $20). This is a black cat that is sure to bring good luck rather than bad! (Picture 214).


Booth W-412 at Gas Lamp has a fall color theme going with blacks, browns and oranges (photo, below). The vintage paper Halloween banner with witch, black cat, pumpkin, owl and scarecrow is $8. Does it frighten you?  


Fall is a boo-tiful time of year at both of the GasLamp Antique and Decorating Malls. Come see us (if you dare!).    






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