Mood Indigo

By Karen Parr-Moody


The color blue is glorious for decorating, whether it is taken from the humble egg of the robin or from the glossy facets of a sapphire. And that is why GasLamp has tucked them into the alcove vignette at the front of the original store. Take a peak; you’ll be sure to be inspired.

During the 1940s, the Bernard Pictures Company printed up a series of these lovely ladies, such as the one seen in the photo, right (detail of Bernard print in original frame, $52; Booth B-304). Such ladies modeled the hats, hairstyles and clothing of that decade and of earlier eras, as well. The colors were taken from a palette of pastels, including mint green, pink and, as show here, pale blue. Such tones would have made them perfect for a girl’s room or a woman’s powder room. In modern times, I could easily see them displayed, art gallery style, as a collection. I think a montage of six would look chic on the colorful wall of a cozy cottage.

During the 1930s, the Weller Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio produced an array of items in the "Cameo” pattern, such as this vase (photo, left; $75; Booth B-206). This pattern depicted an embossed cream-colored rose set upon a branch against a sky blue background. The influence of the Art Deco movement can be seen in the stylized handles with angular lines. It would be fun to collect pieces from the “Cameo” pattern, as the unified, two-tone scheme would imbue one’s shelves with a swath of calming color.

I love all of the many globes that have come and gone at GasLamp over the years. I have seen them in a range of colors, not all blue, but the shade of pale blue is a classic, as seen in this World Book Globe at right ($65; Booth B-101). A group of five or six of these lined up along a mantel or a shelf would make for a chic focal point in an otherwise spare room.


Pale, watery blues, when mixed with other natural tones, imbue a room with a feeling of comfort, making one's decor at one with the great outdoors. Such is the case with the delicate hue as seen in these stools ($95 for the pair; Booth B-103). They have been painted white and, in true vacation mode, have been upholstered in Tommy Bahama fabrics.


Blue can take on a variety of moods. It can be cheery, but it can also be elegant. With such great versatility, it is not wonder that GasLamp is filled with so many shades of beautiful blue.

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