Dreamy Creams

By Karen Parr-Moody


In science, the color white contains all of the wavelengths in the visible spectrum. In decorating, white is the place where simplicity meets luxury. 


White bathes a room with a blanket of delicate sophistication and peace and is a canvas against which color can freely express itself. That is why, more than one time, GasLamp has celebrated the tone in the Front Collaboration Booth, featuring an array of tones from the blinding white of snow to the buttery white of fresh cream.


The white bird cage, right, takes a cue from the Victorians, who, until now, were history's most zealous decorators to use bird cages for both practical and ornamental usage ($227.99; Booth B-204). Its iron frame has a little rust, adding to the shabby chic style. And the shape, graced with ornate scrolls, makes it look like a little mansion for a feathered friend.


At Aunt Enid’s Attic the antique graduation dress, left, is a testimony to the great style of the1920s era to which it dates ($125; Booth B-110).  It reminds me of a dress from the film “Enchanted April.” It is a lightweight fabric, perfect for the warm Tennessee weather. The three deeply tiered flounces give it such a romantic look; I could see some bold bride wearing this as a chic wedding gown.


The vintage Enid Collins purse in the photo, right, is one of many that Collins and her husband made on their ranch near Medina, Texas, beginning in the 1950s. The brand was known for tote bags and wooden box purses graced with a sprinkling of bling. True to the expert designs, this cream colored bag is bedecked with jewels and beads ($30; Booth B-236). This particular Enid Collins pattern is known as Mille Fleur.


How sweet is this little white lamb in the photo at left ($30; Booth B-206)? From the 1940s, this fuzzy creature makes me envision a nursery decorated win a monochromatic white color palette. What a tranquil space it could help create, one that would be positively Zen-like in its simplicity.


GasLamp and GasLamp Too are both filled with an abundance of white items, from furniture to tabletop items to light fixtures to garden wares. Such white items will mesh nicely with virtually any home's décor. One can choose large pieces in white, then add small splashes of color for a refreshing room. Or they can choose white accents only, including lamps, bookends and vases. Either way, this sun-bleached palette produces an airy atmosphere, allowing for a summery design any time of the year.






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