Cookbooks, Recipes and More

By Clinton J. Holloway


Well, just what do you do with all that produce that is coming out of the garden right now? Eat it. But who can eat a bushel of squash or 50 cucumbers? And how do you prepare it so that your family does not get tired of eating zucchini seven nights a week? You will need some new recipes, and perhaps, some help “putting up” some of that produce.


If you can your vegetables or just like the look of vintage kitchen accessories you will want to get a copy of the Ball Blue Book, which has been the bible of home food preservation since 1909. The book has gone through dozens of editions, so you can find a number of great vintage examples for your kitchen (photo, left).


If you don’t can, but like the idea of a great kitchen collectible that is also useful, how about cookbooks? Cookbooks have been around for thousands of years as masters of the art of cookery wrote down recipes of dishes they created and wanted to re-create. And as cooking (or at least eating) is something we do several times a day, there have been a lot of opportunities over the years to record new and unusual recipes. Practically every house you go into has a dozen different cookbooks, if they have one. And for connoisseurs, it is not unusual to have a whole bookcase full.


Within both GasLamp Antique and Decorating Malls, you can find booths with one or two cookbooks or shelves upon shelves. If you can call this veritable used bookstore a booth, Booth B-128 has literally hundreds of titles on every cooking subject imaginable (photo, right). Just standing in front of the shelves will make you mouth water!


Similarly, Booth B-210, “Re-Designing Women,” has a couple of shelves full of modern day cookbooks (photo, left). The prices in both these booths will vary from a few dollars on up.


Over in GasLamp Too, Booth T-1004 has several cookbooks for $1 each. Vintage cookbooks can also be readily had; in one of my favorite spots in the mall, Booth B-1004, which specializes in paper and ephemera, I located this vintage example, “Southern