A Touch of Pink

By Karen Parr-Moody


The South’s front yards are full of zinnias, hydrangeas and roses bursting into bloom. These beauties have been unfurling from their buds in recent weeks in every shade of pink. And the halls of GasLamp Antiques and Decorating Mall and GasLamp Too are also filled with shades of pink right now, like blooms bursting open in the sun.


I took the photo at right recently at a party; I thought the crisp white hydrangea and roses created the perfect backdrop for the pink Alstroemeria. The same can be said for pink when used as an accent in a home. A pink door, a pink side chair, a pink vase: All these touches of pink, when matched with other tones, will impart sweetness to a room without being overly saccharine.


Pink defines certain eras, such as middle of the last century. The photo, left, features a variety of tableware items in various shades of pink; how lovely these items would be in a china cabinet or on a kitchen shelf (all from booth T-395 at GasLamp Too). From left to right they are: a Metlox “Tickled Pink” salt shaker, $10; two pink Depression glass candle holders, $16; a Fire King “Pink Swirl” creamer and sugar bowl (behind creamer), $48.95; a “Manhattan Pink” Depression glass creamer, $10; a pink Depression glass pitcher, $40; Boontonware pink Melmac platter (behind pitcher), $12; pink “Lace” Depression glass platter, $25.

The pink 1950s chip and dip tray, right, is yet another fun item that is perfect for a retro kitchen. And best of all? Like so many of the items at GasLamp Too booth T-262, it is inexpensive at a mere $8.


Carnival chalkware was given out as carnival game prizes during the Great Depression through the 1950s. These prizes included every character from Donald Duck to collies to the pink “Eagle Love” birds seen in the photo, left ($40, T-350). This winged duo comes in other colors, including a bright lemon yellow. But the warmth of pale pink, if blended with lighter neutrals, would create a calming, soft statement. Think of how sweet they would be in a baby girl’s nursery or in a woman’s office.


One of my husband’s constant complaints is that our home is decorated in too “feminine” a fashion. If it were not for his mantra, I would have nabbed this pink wicker chair for only $20 and put it on our front porch (photo, right; T-261). This, to me, is a way to add a touch of pink without going overboard, as is the same with blankets, small rugs and pillows.


And don’t forget, with all of the pink that is available at GasLamp and GasLamp Too, buy a pink vase for flowers. Because whether you put pink blooms inside, or other colors, a natural arrangement will blend perfectly with this sweet tone.


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