Garden Décor

By Karen Parr-Moody


As the weather steps boldly into the sun-kissed summer, shoppers thirst for floral prints and accoutrements.  GasLamp and GasLamp Too are filled with such finds.

I found the two vintage vases in the photo, right, at GasLamp, and enjoyed placing flowers from my garden in them last year. I tucked a pink zinnia in the cat vase, which was from Jason Parker Counce’s booth (it was $24). I then paired a zinnia called Envy, in a vibrant lime green, with a pink cosmo and put those in the pink vase (it was $10). It just shows you what fun you can have with some inexpensive vintage vases.

What a waste of money, it seems to me, to pay the same amount for a generic planter found at Lowe’s when one can find a creative vintage assortment such as those shown in the photo, left. They are from Lauren Wright Turcotte’s booth, Apron Strings Vintage (T-387), which is filled with items that Turcotte considers “just plain fun,” including retro planters. For green thumbs, designer style can be easily found through placing a few of these together in a colorful grouping.

Summer brings on the blooms and inspires picnics. The tablecloth in the photo, right, brings blooms and picnics together in one fabulous item. The 1950s tablecloth is $25 and can be found at GasLamp Too at Booth T-395.


Hooked rugs have enjoyed a 150 year history of popularity in rural North America. This hooked rug in the photo, below left, features pastel flowers on a gray background and is mounted as a wall hanging ($275, Booth T-187). It dates to around the middle or early decades of the last century. While new hooked rugs are still being made, the vintage rugs have a folk art quality that is beyond charming.

Backyard chicken homesteading is all the rage, so it is a breath of spring to find this pillow graced with a rooster and flowers ($58; T-271). The coolest thing about this pillow is that it doesn’t use colors from the traditional palette that one finds with rooster motifs, such as red, white, blue or yellow. Instead, it blends together beautiful jewel tones.


Whether you bring summer’s gardens into your home through floral motifs or – more literally – through flowers in vases or planters, your décor will simply blossom. 




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