Apron Strings Vintage

By Karen Parr-Moody


Lauren Wright Turcotte’s booth, Apron Strings Vintage, is like a bowl of dinner mints, sweet and pastel and inviting one to linger. She carries some cherry picked vintage kitchenware from the 1930s to the 1970s, making it a go-to spot for people who like their kitchens to possess personality.


Apron Strings Vintage, T-387, is located at GasLamp Too, where Turcotte also sells Mid-Century Modern items that she considers “just plain fun.” You know what that means – kitschy chalkware and groovy glass caddies. It makes sense: She’s a big fan of “Mad Men,” the popular AMC series that brings the 1960s back into our living rooms.


“Okay, I'm obsessed,” she says of her “Mad Men” passion. “As in, I rented a house because the knotty pine cabinets looked just like Betty Draper’s kitchen.”


Luckily for shoppers, Turcotte’s husband encouraged her “stop putting off my own dreams and to start pursuing them,” she says. So she jumped into the antiques and collectible business in June of 2012.


She tells people that Apron Strings Vintage looks like the inside of her head.


“It's just what I love,” she says. “I know that if I have a hard time putting it in the booth because I like it so much, someone else will like it, too.”


The inside of Turcotte’s head must be home to many colorful confections. One of her goals with Apron Strings Vintage is to tell color stories within the booth, and with that in mind she has succeeded. Her favorite tones are 1950s pink and aqua, as seen in the Lu-Ray 4-piece set from the Pastels line that includes salt and pepper shakers, a sugar bowl and a creamer (photo, left; $16).


The set came out of a home in the Vanderbilt area, and to complete the vignette, Turcotte added the hand-crocheted napkin holder.


“It is one of those ‘grandma’ crafts that just add a touch of vintage sweetness to a table or vignette,” she says.


The chalkware Asian ladies in the photo, right, are items she picked up at an estate sale because she loves mid-century Asian décor ($20).


“And the colors are great!” she says.


Naturally, the collars on these ladies are done in the 1950s shades of pink and aqua.


“The yellow tin cake taker is a beauty,” she says of the darling item in the photo, left ($25). “I can't resist a cake taker. I've had up to six at a time in the booth, and right now I only have two … I'm on the hunt for more!”


Turcotte believes that the beauty of vintage kitchenware is that with a little care, it's one of those collectibles that actually gets used – and enjoyed – all of the time. That’s wonderful, because it would be a shame for her pretty wares to just hang on a wall or get stuck on a display shelf.


Some Mid-Century Modern flair is surely found with this caddy filled with glasses colored with aqua patterns (photo right, $36).


“I love fabulous old glassware sets in little caddies like this,” Turcotte says. “People really used to entertain with style, and I think that needs to come back!”


There’s a surefire way that entertaining will come back into style, and that is with a quick trip to Apron Strings Vintage. Because it seems that if Turcotte can dream it, she can find it – and that means shoppers can fill their homes with fabulous retro finds.




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