The Entertainer

By Karen Parr-Moody


Cupcakes, champagne, even a rich brunch casserole — these are just a few of the dishes with which a hostess might tempt her guests. And temptation is a dish best served in high style — with GasLamp’s help.  


If you have a cupboard full of jadeite then you have shelves filled with possibilities. Here’s a recipe for what I call “diner chic”: Salted caramel lattes in jadeite mugs served with cupcakes on a jadeite cake pedestal. And that is just one idea.


Jadeite was a forerunner of Tupperware and included such basic items as storage containers. Made by various glassmakers, jadeite’s simple shapes and pale green color fit in with the styles of the 1930s.



Fire-King made what it dubbed “Jade-ite,” which came in complete dinnerware lines. Booth T-395 offers a broad range of Fire-King Jad-ite, from berry bowls to dinner plates. Such wares can easily infuse a party with charm: Just imagine a table set with Jade-ite for a child’s birthday, a bridal shower, a spring brunch or even Easter dinner.


A Southern staple on any table is the breadbasket. We are the land of the biscuit, after all. This milk glass bowl, left, would look fabulous functioning as a breadbasket filled with biscuits and muffins for a brunch (T-105, $20). It could also be lined with a vintage handkerchief for a wine and cheese party and filled with slices of French country bread. Other milk glass items which are easily found all over GasLamp — can be used to hold berries, fresh cheeses and grapes. With milk glass cake pedestals, compotes and plates, you’ll have style for miles.  


GasLamp’s Carol Williams is the queen of cocktail ware. If you need a stylish cocktail shaker or barware, her Booth B-110 or Booth T-110 are the spots to find them. The glassware in the photo, right, makes a beautiful presentation for a reasonable price (decanter, $75; cocktail shaker, $75; 7 vintage cocktail glasses, $45; all Booth T-110). The Art Deco cocktail glasses, in particular, are a find. Their ultra feminine, retro shape is perfect for champagne-based cocktails such as Bellinis, mimosas or Kir Royales.   


Williams also has a lot of lovely linens, such as the monogrammed cocktail napkins in the photo, below left (cocktail napkins, $10; T-110). What a way to add instant elegance to a table.


Place card holders, when chosen well, can be like the earrings of the table. The ones in the photo, below right, certainly fall into that camp ($8; T-269). These faceted holders add some subtle sparkle to a table and would easily blend into a variety of table settings.


Some people love to entertain. Others are intimidated by the idea. But no matter what your mood before planning an event, after preparing at GasLamp you will be gung ho for your guests’ arrival.




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