Arcade Vintage

By Karen Parr-Moody

Arcade Vintage joins the other fabulous booths to bring a breath of hipness to the new store, GasLamp Too. Operated by newlyweds Alex and Genie Lockwood, it is, in Alex's words, a collection of "pretty things, colorful things, handmade things."

The dynamic duo moved to the area last December from New York City, where Alex was an artist and Genie sold antique furniture and textiles. Genie continues to sell vintage textiles to clothing designers.

For their GasLamp Too booth, Genie brings in the well-made wooden furniture, Art Deco pieces and Victorian jewelry. Alex is drawn to what he calls "obsessively created pieces; matchstick frames, bottle cap chains, folded cigarette pack wallets." They both love old Pendleton blankets.

In the photo, above right, is a grouping of chalkware animals found at Arcade Vintage (prices from $25 to $45). Carnival chalkware is comprised of mold casted figures made out of calcined gypsum; such items were given out as carnival game prizes during the Great Depression through the 1950s.

"While they were mass produced, you can still see someone's touch in the spray painting and glitter on each one," Alex said. "I really love that — how perfectly they are formed, yet how casually they are decorated."

The wooden car and camper in the photo, above left, has drawn a lot of attention from passersby of Arcade Vintage ($280). It even has little flower boxes in the window of the camper for a charming flourish. The couple found it in central Ohio and made the decision to sell it.

"While we both love this as an object, it is not really connected to the collections we have at home," Alex said. "We also like how this stands out in our booth."

For dog lovers, this trio of furry friends in the photo, right, presents quite a find. The middle piece is a one-of-a-kind portrait ($40), while the ones flanking it are both paint-by-numbers pieces ($20 each).

"We are ... drawn to paint-by-numbers paintings," Alex said. "I think they are similar to the chalkware pieces; they are mass-produced designs that each have the unique touch of the person who followed the instructions and painted the scenes."

 The dye-cut scene in the photo, left, illustrates a whimsical forest scene that represents something of a lost art ($40).

"We're both drawn to romantic dye-cut scenes like these," Alex said. "Besides the cuts, we love the embossed texture and the subtle pastel colors. We are putting together a collection of Victorian dye-cut Valentine's Day cards now; look for them in our booth early next year."





Finally, the celluloid lion, tiger and bear in the photo, right, are simply adorable ($25). When asked what memories these animals bring to mind for Alex, he said, "Memories of looking for them at flea markets over the last few years! We have quite a few that we'll be bringing into the booth soon."

We'll be looking forward to more celluloid animals — and more of everything else — from Arcade Vintage in the future.

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