Romantic Bedrooms
By Karen Parr-Moody

Upholstered headboards and gauzy canopies are just one way to achieve romantic bedroom décor. At GasLamp, there are many items from which to choose to imbue any room with romantic ambiance.

The color pink lights up a room with instant romance. For the single gal who is bold enough to use it — or the married gal whose husband who will also embrace the tone — this shade of pretty peonies will bloom in the bedroom. A great example of the shade is the pretty vintage wall mirror in the photo, right ($55; Booth B-314).

Featuring pale pink paint, this oval mirror has a wicker texture and ornate scrolling; both fit perfectly with the heart-shaped frame. It is 30 inches tall and was made by the manufacturer Burwood of a durable resin. It would fit into any room that is done in the shabby chic or cottage style. The best thing about this pretty shade of pink is that it is soothing and can also be blended into a room that includes pops of yellow, moss green, grey or lavender.





These Louis XV marble top end tables in the photo, left, can be placed at the ends of a sofa or, less traditionally, used as night stands in a bedroom ($265; Booth B-106). I personally would put them in a romantic bedroom, because of their flowing cabriole legs and delicate, hand-painted flowers. In fact, they remind me of a bedroom I saw at The Breakers, which Cornelius Vanderbilt II had built in Newport, Rhode Island in the late 1800s as a vacation home. The oval shaped bedroom, which belonged to Alice Vanderbilt, was done with a pastiche of creams and mint greens in a distinctive French style. Naturally, there was a set of buzzers near the bed for summoning various staff members. I could so easily see these end tables by that bed ... couldn't you?

A romantic bedroom simply begs for a romantic upholstered chair; few fabrics fit that upholstery order better than toile, as seen with the chair in the photo, right ($95; Booth B-103). This chair, with its honey colored wood, is accented by a black and white toile that features a pastoral scene typical of that monochromatic fabric. Among the other landscapes included in these historic prints were hunting scenes, military triumphs, antique follies, chinoiserie and farm life; they pictured the general life of the 18th and 19th century. A bit of toile trivia: Even though it is the most quintessential of French fabrics, the original toile factory was actually founded by a French naturalized German engraver, Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, in 1760. He established a factory in Jouy-en-Josas, which became, by 1805, the site of more than 1300 workers and was the most important factory in Europe.

A romantic bedroom has got to have a bed, naturally, and what better to include than this bed from the 1920s ($295; Booth B-104)? Made of walnut, it is a full-size bed featuring a tall headboard, a curved footboard and matching side rails. the footboard shape is vaguely reminiscent of the ziggurat shape that was so popular during that era.

It's easy to complete a romantic makeover with a few key items from GasLamp. And where better than the bedroom to add a hint of romance?

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