Easter Fun
By Karen Parr-Moody

Easter is one of those holidays that is tailor-made for hostesses who love sprinkling pastels and whimsy all around. This April 8, when the holiday arrives, there will be a cheerful abundance of pom-pom chicks, fuzzy bunnies and vintage eggcups among this set.


GasLamp antique dealer Jason Parker Counce thinks Easter is a wonderful time of year, particularly because it gets people into crafting and making creative foods, such as cupcakes topped with coconut "nests" and jelly bean "eggs." His booth is currently full of the handmade creations he is known to make for every holiday.


"Easter is upon us," Counce says. "So fill up your basket with recycled childhood memories and lots of goodies!"

For the colorful occasion, Counce has created a new array of Easter-themed bunnies, as seen in the photo, above right ($24 each; Booth B-309). These are what he calls "Candy Box Bunnies." They are stuffed bunnies that come in shades of white, tan and grey; some have backpacks filled with vintage paper grass and vegetables. They sit in, naturally, a candy box.


Counce has also put together this gorgeous cloche arrangement, which isn't Easter specific, but certainly works for the occasion, as can be seen in the photo, left. "Cloche" is the French word for bell, and such glass vessels were developed in France in the early 1800s to protect seedlings from cold, wind and frost. Counce has cleverly styled this one with two porcelain bird figurines, a vintage plate, some outdoor moss and Easter egg candies (cloche, $55; wooden pedestal base, $55; birds, $16; Booth B-309).




While cloches are one decorative way to grace an Easter table, so are vintage baskets. The one in the photo, right, is an Italian toleware basket, its named derived from the French name for such objects, tôle peinte ($48; Booth B-2012). This particular piece of toleware has a twisted wire design, a woven metal handle, and lovely metal flowers and leaves. It is beautiful in its own right, but could very easily contain a spread of miniature Victorian moss (Selaginella), which would thrive with indirect or artificial light. It could also contain a hardy grouping of hens and chicks, or simply act as a charming addition to a party by containing sweets or scones. Any way this basket is used, it will bring vintage flair to a table.




This glorious silver horn in the photo, left, is another potential Easter vessel ($65; S-544). Instead of a Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece, it would be dramatic as a gigantic "tussie mussie." It could be filled with pink roses, stargazer lilies, sweet peas, hypericum berry flowers and oak leaves to make a sumptuous arrangement. Another idea is to simply fill it with moss and some pastel malted Easter egg candy.






An Easter table should be colorful and full of spring flowers, which is exactly why these luncheon-sized napkins are the perfect touch (photo, right; set of four, $12; Booth B-2012). Welcome guests to the table with these napkins wrapped in a solid cloth band, then tuck in some cut flowers. How sweet would that be?









Add a charming touch to your Easter party by putting out this lilac and gold decanter and cordials for the cocktails (photo, left; $39.95; Booth B-210). It doesn't get more Mid-Century Modern than this. And when Peter Cottontail comes hoppin’ down the bunny trail with a basketful of mixers, the perfect pastel fix is the "Pink Bonnet" cocktail, made with gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, crème de framboise and egg white.

Another idea for these cordials is to use them in the place of vintage eggcups to decorate a table. They could be filled with wheatgrass and lilies-of-the-valley for sweet bouquets.

This charming "Rabbit in hat" cookie jar is from the The American Bisque Pottery, which operated in Williamstown, West Virginia from 1919 to 1982 ($60, S-104). The company was not only a maker of Kewpie doll heads; it also produced ashtrays, doorstops, banks, planters, lamps and more. This jar would charm young guests on Easter, and can be used to hold one-of-a-kind Easter gifts or favors.

Easter table décor is made easily creative with fabulous vintage items. And before you know it, guests will come hopping down the bunny trail to your well-decorated home with these finds from GasLamp.

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