Contain Yourself

By Karen Parr-Moody


The Container Store, with itsparticular brand of organization eye candy,recently arrived in Nashville. But while the store is popular for its minimal, sleek containers that aid organizational projects, an old school spin on organization can be found in vintage items at GasLamp.


Yeas ago this peach basket traveled from Ellaville, Georgia to the doorstep of a home in Belle Meade (photo, right; $25; S-104). This classic basket is made of natural wood construction with wire handles. It’s a great piece for storing a blanket and some books next to a cozy chair or beneath a bedside table. For extra tidiness, it comes with a lid that can conceal whatever it holds.


Alternately, this basket could be filled with a plastic liner to contain a decadent arrangement of flowers and greenery. Such a look would be lovely on a farmhouse table.







In the ultimate “trash to treasure” recreation, this is a chicken coop that has been cleverly transformed into a coffee table (photo, left; $350; Booth B-1006). Lovers of vintage, country or industrial decor will enjoy this rustic, large wood piece made of weathered gray wood. It has a lot of space inside for displaying books, magazines and other accessories. 













Making every inch of space count is important to modern life, whether one lives in a palatial spread or a cozy nest. Vintage items can elevate a room’s aesthetics, unlike clear acrylic boxes or plastic bins. Such is the case with these metal milk baskets from a creamery in Michigan ($40; Booth B-113). These can be great items for corralling stuff, as is seen here. Or they can repurposed as unique wine racks. Either way, they are great conversation pieces and a stylish addition to any room.














Vintage suitcases, such as the ones at left, can be repurposed in a variety of ways ($75; Booth B-174). For people who hate seeing a tangle of wires, one of these cherry red suitcases could work as an organization unit, keeping cords wrapped up and phones easy to find.


People have also converted vintage suitcases into beds for their pooches by lining them with tufted pillows. Another idea is to simply stack the suitcase to make a creative nightstand in a bedroom. Best of all, they can store seasonal items until you need them.


Vintage items can be such a great way to display the items you love or to stash away items you merely need. And with a little creativity, you can easily create an organizational project from any number of vintage items, knowing that the finished result will be full of character and charm.

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