Music, Music, Music!
By Karen Parr-Moody

It only makes sense that in Nashville, a.k.a. Music City USA, the home of country music and more, vintage musical instruments and items would be right at home.


There are so many music and music-inspired items from which to choose at GasLamp. A simple decorating idea is to take old sheet music and paper just one wall. People may also take Victorian sheet music and place it in a heavy ornate frame. And of course, music from the 1920s would look fabulous in an Art Deco frame; just think of how the geometric details would accent it.


When not used as wall paper, vintage sheet music may be used to decorate a box or chest.
The sign, above right, is an amazing way to get across the point of "music lover" when placed in a room ($195; Booth B-101). There's something enchanting about a mysterious sign that is so charmingly graphic. Wouldn't this be fabulous in a musician's studio? Or in someone's office who works in the music industry?


This fabulous old bakelite radio, left, is from the 1950s ($79; Booth B-101). Luckily, it still works. When people say "old radios" the vintage Bakelite tabletops are what immediately spring to mind. Such styles were very popular from the 1930s to the 1950s. This one is an old General Electric model. But there are many other names, including Philco, Tesla, Silvertone, Belmont and Air King.









This Edison Amerola 30 cylinder phonograph is extremely rare (photo, right; $485). It was made circa 1915 and is a hand-cranked version with two original cylinders and one original vinyl. To be so old, the motor still runs!













There is a wonderful way of repurposing antique musical instruments and that is by suspending them from from tall ceilings. Then again, when you have such a gorgeous drum as the one in the photo that isn't necessary (photo, left; $45; Booth S-104). In fact, it could hold the center stage in many a house. Check out the carved base; they don't make them like that anymore.








To round out the mix, why not put together a fabulous pair of maracas in a choice place ($12; S-104)? Such a choice as the acid green pair in the photo, from Mexico, goes toward making the whole room look so homey and inviting.


Displaying music proudly in living rooms and foyers will create rooms that make music for many years to come. It's amazing what one can do -- brass horns turned into planters and flutes turned into lamps. Whatever the choice, the resulting look will be a symphony.

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