Home Office Chic

By Karen Parr-Moody


Lately, home office furniture has become a draw for GasLamp customers seeking design inspiration. In today's ever-shifting workforce, what with layoffs and telecommuting, independent workers constitute more than 30 percent of the U.S. workforce. They often necessitate a home office. And because most current "office" furniture is anything but chic or warm, vintage decor is the answer for imbuing a room with a mood otherwise not found in corporate America.


The wonderful bonus about decorating a home office is that it is just a shade away from a bedroom in terms of being decorated with personal flair. You don't even have to put a bowl of candies on the desk, even if statistics do prove that employees who do so move up the corporate ladder more swiftly. Because, naturally, the "boss" simply won't be swinging by. 


One example of a gorgeous and feminine office is that of writer Amy Fine Collins. It features a Louis XV–style desk that once belonged to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and is paired with an Austrian Biedermeier chair with a seat upholstered in vintage leopard skin. 


Recently, a woman with great taste, like Collins, stopped by GasLamp and bought a pair of Louis XVI chairs upholstered in silk for her home office. She added many more decorous items, and got herself set up with a chic little home office. It was most impressive. 


Another customer was a 30-something young man who was recently promoted and had been tasked with setting up a home office. In particular, he sought a roll-top desk. 


Keeping an office tidy, while looking chic, is a great way to eliminate the stress of visual clutter. This primitive, 42-hole shelving unit in the photo at left is a twist on the traditional bookcase or filing system (marked down from $485 to $325; Booth B-114). With it, it's easy to have some fun by displaying books and accessories as a focal point for one's office. The primitive style is fitting for a masculine office. However, by outfitting the interiors of each cubicle with fabric or wallpaper, the look is still warm, but feminine (think: Anthropologie). Fabric patterns that are extra-girly create a shabby chic style.


In an entirely different direction, the crisp, white bookcase at right, from A Flair for Vintage, is ready to go. Faux bamboo is a hallmark of Hollywood Regency style, and surely such a bright office could only encourage a worker bee mentality? This bookcase is such a statement piece for the office; one would only need a few fun accent pieces to decorate it, then the rest can be used for more utilitarian fare. At GasLamp, one could easily find some gorgeous jadite desk accessories in which to hold spare pencils and paperclips (not to mention they'd bring oodles of elegance to the bookcase).


















In the photo, above left, is an iconic Parsons table (for great price, at $128; Booth 201). The Parsons table was born of a lecture given by Jean-Michel Frank while he was working at Parsons Paris School or Art and Design during the 1930s. Frank challenged his students to design a basic table, and the original was built by the school's janitor. The key to the design of the Parsons table is that the square legs have the same width as the tabletop. 


While Parsons tables are often used as dining tables or side tables, this versatile work table can be used for various workrooms, including a craft workroom, an artist's loft, or a photography studio. Its expansive, clean space adheres to the Bauhaus values of functionalism, simplicity, and basic form ... values that certainly fit into a busy office space. 


In yet another style, there is the incredibly detailed roll-top desk in the photo at right ($6,500; Booth B-207). This desk occupied the office of an attorney whose office was located on the square in Columbia, Tenn., for almost 50 years. It remained in a family home for the next 50 years. it features all-wood construction. Interior wooden pegs control the movement of doors, drawers, and a lower right section that swings out for more storage. Talk about an imposing piece that can accommodate multiple needs.











A style-seeking home employee can replace the usual boring filing cabinet with the vintage steamer trunk at left ($375; Booth B-223). It will turn a pile of papers into an organized, polished, and slightly fancy work of art. Such trunks are often used as coffee tables, and come in many styles. Besides the vintage steamer trunks (of which the Louis Vuitton style, also found at GasLamp, is desirable), there is the Chinese lacquer version. Either offers great decoration and is so very utilitarian as well. Stashing one files in a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, what could be more glamorous? 


Having an office that you look forward to spending time in is such a pleasure. Teaming up with GasLamp finds will ensure a clean, sleek work space that's both functional and lovely. Isn't it time you pencil in an innovative office makeover into your busy work schedule? 

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