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B313 features fixtures for display and small items for the collector. They are located in Original GasLamp at 313 Back street.

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B315 features nice items for the home and collector. They are located in two booths in original Gaslamp Antiques.

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B316 / Blue Goose

Blue Goose, B316, features music collectibles including vinyl records, books and other memorabilia. They are located on Back Street in Original GasLamp.

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B317 / Weekend Treasures

B317 features an eclectic collection of home decor and antiques from vintage chic to classic. His space is located in the corner of the booth groups at the intersection of Vine Street and Back Street in our mall.

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B319 features nice vintage items for the home and the collector. They are located on Back Street.

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B330 / Melissa W. McDonald Artist

Melissa is a Nashville artist who offers her fine art for sale at our shop. In addition to her originals, she also features framed prints of other artists, easels and frames, books, records and other collectibles.

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