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B118 has a fascinating booth of vintage furniture, lighting, small decor and gift items with something for everyone! Eclectic taste and an eye for the unusual, visit here also for affordable gifts. She is located at 118 Front Street.

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B125 / Boudinot Antiques

Boudinot Antiques features fine vintage and antique furniture and accessories, quality older framed art, and unique lighting and ornamental pieces. Lots of small items for the collector too, with many of the items quite unusual.

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B128 / Robert Hill Bookseller

Robert has a large bookroom with a wide selection. Not only will you find a large section of cookbooks, interior design, history, etc; but also a specialty in the arts and a large section for antiques & collectibles.

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B134 has a delightful display of unique vintage furniture and accessories from a career designer whose past included many of our famous store displays here in Nashville. He always has some quality framed art and large decorator pieces; and is one of the designers that does our displays in the front of the mall.

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B138 features lovely art,fine furniture and small antiques with an eye for the rare and unusual. She also includes nice books and a showcases for small treasures.

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B150 features nice items for the home and gifts. They are located on Front Street in our mall on both sides of the street.

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