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B108 loves textiles & linens as accents for their antique and vintage furniture. They also specialize in fine copper pieces for your kitchen and home; and are located at 108 Vine Street between Second and Third Street South.

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B109 / Designs in a second

B109 is a true collector of old, new, unique and functional accessories, quilts, glassware, pottery and vintage and antique furniture. He is located at 109 Vine Street at the intersection with Main Street.

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B113 is a very eclectic dealer, with items rangins from industrial furnishings to fancy Italian Florentine gilt. She is located in 3 spaces at 113 Vine Street.

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B114 features antique and vintage furniture and items for the home including primatives. You will find many unique items in their booth.

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B115 / Saving Graces

Saving Graces, B115, features vintage furniture and accessories including shabby chic, plus nice smalls for the home and treasures for the collector, all at very affordable prices. She is located at 115 Front Street, plus the booth across the aisle.

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B116 offers cool vintage furniture, lamps , framed art and nice smalls for the collector. She is located at 116 Front Street.

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