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S501 / B225

S501 features a treasure trove of jewelry including real cultured pearls, gemstones, artisan jewelry and fine costume. This showcase is in the group of cases past the customer service desk on Main St in Original GasLamp Antiques, from booth B225

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S502 / B225

Showcase S502 features jewelry including two shelves of fine Native American and turquoise, plus Victorian, cameos,fine costume; and additional items in thei booth B225 in the dealer booths section. This showcase is in the group on Main street in Original GasLamp past the service desk.

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S503 / Minor Jewelry S108

Minor Jewelry offers new and vintage jewelry, both costume and fine; and also has a jewelry & repair store on 12th Ave S. here in Nashville.

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S505 features nice items for the collector including jewelry. She is located in the row of showcases on Main Street in Original GasLamp Antiques

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S506 features jewelry both old and re-created. It is located on the row of showcases down the main aisle in Original GasLamp Antique Mall.

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S507 / B210

B210, in showcase S507 features lovely small gift items including small crystal pieces. They are located on the top two shelves in showcase # S507 in the showcase room on the left side.

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