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This is a charming and surrealistic oil portrait of James C. Crowell, Jr. of Charlotte, North Carolina, which was completed around 1960 by Italian painter Piero Aversa (1928-1990). However, according to the Brunk auction house, Mr. Crowell wasn't thrilled with the results. While he commissioned the portrait from the artist, the sitter objected to what he considered its "cartoon" style. (It remains unfinished with lines evident for the further rendering of the lighting sconce.) However, many art lovers would not agree with Crowell's estimation. They would appreciate the color palette and the stylistic rendition of Crowell in his slim-cut suit and glasses that conjure up the "Mad Men" style of the era. It truly is a fantastic encapsulation of the 1960s era.

The painting of Mr. Crowell is unsigned and an unframed. It is 24-1/8 inches by 18-1/8 inches and is located at Booth T-360.

Aversa was himself a dapper man who frequented the society events of Palm Beach, Florida in his heyday, before retiring to Key West. He was quite the international figure and socialite who lit up the artistic scene of the 1950s and 1960s. His other portraits are similarly charming and modern, attesting to his unique style. A 1969 edition of the Palm Beach Post writes about a Palm Beach Galleries show of 25 canvases by Aversa, who was inspired to paint the boats he saw on the beaches and in the harbors during a summer trip to Greece. The article said, "Previously Aversa has painted Italian rural scenes on miniature canvases. But the Grecian series reflects a bolder approach and shows how completely captivated he was by the Grecian scenery."