A Chandelier With A Waterfall Formation
View: 7035-B303
Price: $350.00

A Pair Of Large Crystal Sconces, Antique And Custom Made
View: GL#-WP18
Price: $2,698.00

A Vintage, Oriental Tea Caddy Lamp With White Shade.
View: 7039-310
Price: $150.00

An Art Deco Lamp Featuring A Female Figure
View: GL#-WP66
Price: $1,250.00

An Old Paris Style Lamp
View: GL#-WP65
Price: $125.00

Bradley Hubbard Antique Banquet Lamp With Hand-painted Shade
View: 6986-T101
Price: $445.00

Cape Shell Chandelier
View: 6348-B206
Price: $90.00

Church Light
View: 5899-T364
Price: $298.00

Deco Light Fixture
View: 2301-B317
Price: $595.00